William Monroe Balch

William Monroe Balch (November 25, 1871 - Unknown) was born in Monroe, Wisconsin to Manning B. and Hattie L. (Monroe) Balch. He attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated in 1891. He studied law for the year following graduation but then entered the ministry in 1892. In the years following this he was a member of the West Wisconsin Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Conference and a pastor at River Falls, Wisconsin. William also served as state secretary of the Epworth League.

On June 27, 1893 William married Beulah G. Richards and, as of 1897, had one daughter named Mary Monroe.

During his life William was the author of numerous books.

Books by William:

A Theory of Industrial Liberty - By: William Monroe Balch (A Thesis Submitted for the Degree Masters of Letters 1896

They Knew Lincoln - By: William Monroe Balch

The State and the Kingdom - By: William Monroe Balch

Christianity and the Labor Movement - By: William Monroe Balch

Genealogy of William Monroe:

Father: Manning B. Balch
Mother: Hattie L. Monroe

Wife1: Beulah G. Richards
Married: June 27, 1893


1. Mary Monroe

Primary Sources/Links:

Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha B. Balch

Other Sources/Links:

Letter: From William Monroe Balch to his wife Beulah (May 17, 1941)

Letter: From William Monroe Balch to his wife Beulah (June 1, 1941)

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