William Balche - Born: Before 1477

William Balche (Before 1477 - Mar. 20th, 1533) was born sometime before 1477 (during the period of time when the Wars of the Roses were going on); his parents unknown. What is known about William is that he owned about 252 acres in the East Coker region (and lands elsewhere). The only record of any children indicates that he had a son named John Balche [2]. Below is an interesting quote from British History Online [1]

William Balche, farmer of the demesne in 1515, held 252 a. of which 188 a. was scattered in the two arable fields and most of the rest was inclosed grassland. (fn. 14) He or a son of the same name was described as a gentleman in 1555; another William was one of the two most prominent residents in 1569.

*It is uncertain whether or not any of the members of the Balche family are actually related to the Balch family. At times members of the Balch family have had their names seemingly recorded as "Balche" so there may be a family connection.

Genealogy of William:

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Wife: Unknown
Married: Unknown


1. John

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