Veren Balch - Born: May 22, 1724

Veren Balch (May 22, 1724-1797) was born in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts (see map for location) to Israel and Ruth (Dodge) Balch.

On September 26, 1750 he married Sarah Taylor from Mansfield, Connecticut. Veren and Sarah would reside in Mansfield for the remainder of their lives.

Veren and Sarah would have eight children and Veren would die in approximately 1797.

Genealogy of Veren

Father: Israel Balch
Mother: Ruth Dodge

Wife1: Sarah Taylor
Married: September 26, 1750


1. Israel
2. A son
3. Henry
4. Sarah
5. Mary
6. Joseph
7. Hannah
8. Lydia

Primary Sources/Links:

Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha B. Balch

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