Timothy Balch - Born: About 1760

Timothy Balch (About 1760-Unknown death) was born in Keene, New Hampshire to John and Mary (Unknown Maiden Name) Balch.

In about 1783 Timothy was appointed to the role of post rider between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Brattleboro, Vermont. On June 10, 1785 he was reappointed to the role of post rider and served for an additional two years. In June of 1781 Timothy's father John had been appointed to the role of postal rider for a period of three months after which he rode the route for an additional two years.

About 1788 he married Hannah Damon and they had three sons and three daughters.

At some point, in the early 1800's, Timothy moved with his family to Sandy Creek, New York. The settlement at Sandy Creek was located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Timothy lived in Sandy Creek for about two or three years before he moved to Orwell, Oswego County, New York. Timothy moved to Orwell, about 1809, where he set up a log cabin at "Orwell Corners". It was this log cabin that would become the first tavern in the area. This tavern became a popular stopping place where many settlers, from around the area, would come and enjoy whiskey and entertainment.

During this time Timothy is recorded as being one of the first settlers in the Orwell, New York area. The first death, in Orwell, was that of Timothy's mother in 1810. The first Orwell town meeting was held in Timothy's house in April of 1817 and he was appointed to various offices in the new town government. Timothy was appointed, with two others, as a "commissioner of highways" and also as an "overseer of the poor". Timothy's son, Timothy, Jr., was also appointed to several roles as "collector" and "constable".

Records indicate that at least two of Timothy's sons Timothy, Jr. and John still remained in Orwell in 1817 when the town was formally organized. In this same year Timothy is recorded as becoming an ensign in a militia company formed with John Reynolds as Captain and Eli Strong, Jr. as lieutenant. This militia was no doubt formed for the town's defense.

Timothy would remain in Orwell, from the time of his first settlement in 1809, to the time of his death. The exact date of Timothy's death is unknown but the records show that he died in Orwell and was buried in Richland, New York.

Genealogy of Timothy:

Father: John Balch
Mother: Mary (Unknown Maiden Name)

Wife1: Hannah Damon
Married: About 1788


1. Timothy
2. John
3. Susan
4. Anna
5. Daniel
6. Polly

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