Thomas Balche - Born: c.1534

Thomas Balche (c.1534 - c. Apr. 19, 1594) was born about 1534 to John and Isabel (unknown maiden name) Balche. Little information is available about Thomas until 1569.

In 1569, England under a Protestant Elizabeth I, faced potential invasion from Catholic Spain. During this time records were collected of all the able bodied men able to fight along with weaponry they could provide. During this time several members of the Balche family show up in the "Certificate of Musters" for Somerset. Thomas is listed in this document as "archer", "billman (warrior with hooked ax)" and providing a corslet (piece of defensive armor).

Thomas died and was buried in Cote, Somerset (part of modern Huntspill), England in 1594.


Genealogy of Thomas:

Father: John Balche
Mother: Isabel _ (Unknown)

Wife: Avis Balche
Married: Unknown

Children (as listed in his will):

1. Thomas
2. Roberte
3. Marye
4. Anne
5. Ffraunce (?)
6. Avis

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