Thomas Balch - Vicar of Dulverton, Somerset

Rev. Thomas Balch (Bap. Jun. 6, 1602 - Jul. 23, 1648) was the son of John and Eleanor (Halsey) Balch. Baptized on June 6, 1602 Thomas went on to receive a BA degree June 27, 1626 and an MA degree July 9, 1630 from Wadham College in Oxford, England. On September 22, 1627 Thomas is recorded as being a Deacon at the Bristol Cathedral and for a time he was a schoolmaster at Tavistock, Devon, England. On June 21, 1643 Thomas was inducted as the Vicar of Dulverton, Somerset, England.

At some point Thomas married Elizabeth Byam daughter of the Reverand John Byam. At the conclusion of the English Civil War John Byam found himself in some difficulty because he had backed King Charles I (the loser in the civil war). The parliament was petitioned in an attempt to take away Byam's estate and Thomas Balch may have suffered by association. Politically Thomas Balch is recorded as supporting King Charles I in the Civil War as well. Whatever his politics were Thomas would have four children with Elizabeth and be buried, in Dulverton, on July 23, 1648.


Genealogy of Thomas:

Father: John Balch
Mother: Eleanor Halsey

Family Members:

1. *Thomas
2. John
3. Joan
4. Robert

Wife: Elizabeth Byam
Married: Unknown


1. Francis
2. John
3. Thomas
4. Robert

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