Thomas Bloomer Balch

Thomas Bloomer Balch (Feb. 28, 1793 - Feb. 14, 1878) was born in Georgetown (part of Washington, DC) to Stephen Bloomer and Elizabeth Beall Balch. Little is known about his life before he graduated from the College of New Jersey in 1813 and studied theology at Princeton Seminary.


Thomas was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Baltimore on October 31st, 1816. From the Spring of 1817 to the Fall of 1819 he preached as assistant to his father at Georgetown. Thomas then spent nearly ten years as pastor of the churches of Snow Hill, Rehoboth, and Pitt's Creek, Maryland. After this Thomas spent four years ministering in Fairfax county, Virginia followed by two years in the churches of Warrenton and Greenwich. Thomas is also said to have spent nine months at Fredricksburg, Virginia and four years at Nokesville.


During his life Thomas did a great deal of writing for the Southern Literary Messenger and wrote various books as well. His written works included, among others, Christianity and Literature (1826), The Ringwood Discourses (1850), and a decade long collection of letters entitled My Manse During the War

Other Activities:

Thomas is also indicated to have had a real interest in geography and was an active member of the American Colonization Society. It was, as a member of the society, that Thomas helped to advocate for the repatriation of freed slaves to Africa. Ultimately the Colonization Society was a major mover behind the effort to create the slave colony of Liberia.

Marriage, Family and Later Years:

Thomas married Susan Carter August 21, 1820 and together they would have eleven children. Susan died in August of 1877 and Thomas died February 14, 1878.

Genealogy of Thomas:

Father: Stephen Bloomer Balch
Mother: Elizabeth Beall

Wife: Susan Carter
Married: August 21, 1820


1. Annie Carter
2. Elizabeth Macomb
3. Robert Monroe
4. Charles Carter
5. Harriet
6. Chalmas Page
7. Leimaeus
8. William Cowper (Twin)
9. Felyx Neffer (Twin)
10. Mary Landon
11. Julia Ringwood

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