Samuel Balch - Born: May 1651

Samuel Balch (May 1651-October 14, 1723) was born to Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch in Beverly, Massachusetts. At the age of nineteen Samuel was baptized and united with the First Church of Beverly. Shortly after his baptism Samuel became a deacon in the church. In 1693 he was chosen to be the town clerk for the town of Beverly and took the oath of office on June 27, 1693. As town clerk Samuel would serve for seven years later serving as a representative, several times, for the town.

Samuel married Martha Newmarch on October 27, 1675. Samuel and Martha had seven sons and three daughters. Martha died on July 7, 1720 and Samuel would get remarried to Martha Butman on November 23, 1721. With his second wife Samuel would have no additional children.

On April 25, 1692 a conveyance, issued by his father Benjamin, deeded twenty acres of land over to Samuel's ownership. In the documents it seems to indicate that Samuel owned land to the east of his father's land grant. Samuel's land seems to have been located in the vicinity of Wenham Great Pond in Beverly (Samuel's land location is indicated with the number 12 on the map).

Little is known about Samuel's life after this date.


Genealogy of Samuel:

Father: Benjamin Balch
Mother: Sarah Gardner

Wife1: Martha Newmarch
Married: October 27, 1675


1. Martha
2. Samuel
3. Joseph
4. Benjamin - twin
5. John - twin
6. Phebe
7. Peter
8. Cornelius
9. Abigail
10. Thomas

Wife2: Martha Butman (widow)
Married: November 23, 1721


1. No Children

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