Samuel Balch - Born: May 16, 1678

Samuel Balch (May 16, 1678-1754) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts to Samuel and Martha (Newmarch) Balch.

Very little information is available on the life of Samuel but we do know that he was married first to Eleanor Cleves on September 23, 1702. With Eleanor Samuel would have three children born in Beverly, Massachusetts. Samuel was married, for a second time, to Mary Baker (widow of John Baker) and together they would have an additional four children.

All that is known about Samuel is that he spent time as a deacon at the Beverly church. For many years Samuel was a mariner and, later in life, he became a farmer. Little other information is currently available.

Genealogy of Samuel:

Father: Samuel Balch
Mother: Martha Newmarch

Wife1: Eleanor Cleves
Married: September 23, 1702


1. Martha
2. Thomas
3. Samuel

Wife2: Mary Baker (widow)
Married: September 3, 1710


1. Josiah
2. Ebenezer
3. Martha
4. Nathaniel

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Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha Balch

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