Robert Balch - Born: January 3, 1724 (British)

Robert Balch (Jan. 3, 1724 - Apr. 15, 1779) was born in Bridgwater, Somerset, England to John and Amy (Bart) Balch. Very little information is currently available detailing the early years of Robert. What information is available indicates that at some point Robert married Susanna the daughter of Robert Everard. More information is needed to detail the children and descendants of Robert and Susanna.


In 1763, Robert is recorded as having purchased an estate in the vicinity of St. Audries (also known at various times as West Quantoxhead or Cantocheve Minor) for £13,662. Upon Robert's death in 1779 the estate passed on to his son Robert Everard Balch and then to Robert's brother George upon his 1799 death. George died unmarried and the property is said to have passed on to a sister by the name of Christiana in 1814 [4].

Political Career:

In 1754 Robert followed in the steps of his grandfather and great-grandfather and entered into parliament. With the backing of George Bubb Dodington (Baron of Melcombe) Robert was able to serve in parliament until 1761. In 1761, even with Dodington's support, Robert failed to achieve re-election [3].

Genealogy of Robert:

Father: John Balch [3]
Mother: Amy Bart

Wife: Susanna Everard
Married: Unknown


1. John
2. Robert Everard
3. George
4. Christiana*



*There is some uncertainty as to whether or not these are all of Robert's children and whether or not he had children with another wife. Robert's tombstone, pictured above, shows the names of "Mary" and "Susanna", as his wives, along with the names of various children and grandchildren.

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