Robert Balch - Born: c. 1631 (British)

Robert Balch (c.1631 - Apr. 1705) [1] Little information is available about Robert's early years but what information is available indicates that he served as Mayor of Bridgwater, Somerset, England in 1689 and 1696. During the years 1691-2 Robert served as a representative, for his borough, in the British House of Commons.

Robert died in April 1705 and was buried in Bridgwater at the church of St. Mary the Virgin (as are many of his relatives).

Genealogy of Robert:

Father: Thomas Balch
Mother: Unknown

Wife1: Mary Tuck
Married: September 18, 1660


1. Robert
2. Mary
3. George
4. Elizabeth
5. John
6. Ann
7. Hannah

Wife2: Susanna Everard?
Married: Unknown

1. Robert Everard (Died Young)
2. Robert Everard (Died Young)
3. Robert Everard
4. Susanna (Died Young)
5. Susanna
6. Elizabeth
7. Frances Amy
8. Christina (Christiana?)
9. George

Wife3: Elizabeth Everard
Married: December 26, 1678


1. George
2. Unknown

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