Nicholas Balche - Born: 1552

Nicholas Balche (1552 - Aug. 24, 1607) was born in Horton, Somerset, England to George and Jane (Ashford) Balche.

September 30, 1583 - was called upon to supply one light horseman to the military forces, raised in Somerset, against the Spanish Armada [2].

March 14, 1586 - was again summoned to provide a light horseman in support of efforts intended to protect against the threat of Spanish invasion.

1600 and 1604 - served as a trustee for the Ilminster Free Grammar School in Ilminster, Somerset, England.


Genealogy of Nicholas:

Father: George Balche
Mother: Jane Ashford

Wife: Sarah May
Married: Unknown


1. George
2. William
3. Nicholas
4. Elizabeth
5. ___ (Unknown)

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