Manning B. Balch - Born: 1836

Manning B. Balch (1836 - Unknown) was born in Pownal, Vermont to William Skinner and Caroline M. (Martin) Balch. While still in his infancy Manning's parents moved to Saratoga Springs, New York where his father was the proprietor of the Columbian Hotel from 1841 to 1866.

Manning was educated at the Troy Conference Academy and the Troy University in Troy, New York. Later Manning studied law with Judges Willard and Crane in Saratoga but never was admitted to the bar. During his time in Saratoga Manning also spent some time working in the drug business.

In 1859 Manning married Clementine Wager and together they had one child who died in infancy. Shortly after, in August of 1860, Clementine passed away. Manning would not marry again until August 11, 1867.

One day after the southern attack on Fort Sumter Manning enlisted in the Union army. For one year Manning served as Hospital Steward at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. After being discharged Manning moved to Green County, Wisconsin and would engage in farming for three years.

After his stint in farming Manning spent time as State Lecturer for the Grand Lodge of Good Templars (until 1867) followed by two years in that role in Boston, Massachusetts. It was in 1869/70 that Manning would return to Monroe, Wisconsin and enter into the ministry in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Manning would fill various pastoral positions, throughout Wisconsin, in subsequent years.

It was on August 11, 1867 that Manning married Hattie L. Monroe and together they would have a son they named William Monroe Balch.

Little information seems to be available detailing the remaining years of Manning's life.

Genealogy of Manning:

Father: William Skinner Balch
Mother: Unknown

Wife1: Clementine Wager
Married: 1859


1. One child died in infancy

Wife2: Harriet Lucy Monroe
Married: Unknown


1. William Monroe

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