Lewis P.W. Balch Jr.

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Lewis Penn Witherspoon Balch, Jr. (February 1, 1814 - June 4, 1875) was born in Leesburg, Virginia to Lewis Penn Witherspoon and Elizabeth (Weaver) Balch.

Genealogy of Lewis:

Father: Lewis Penn Witherspoon Balch, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Weaver

Wife1: Anna Jay
Married: Unknown


1. Augusta J.
2. Elizabeth
3. Anna
4. Lewis

Wife2: Emily Wiggin
Married: April 25, 1850


1. Alfred Holme
2. William Ralston
3. Catherine Holme
4. Henry Herbert
5. Emily
6. Ernest Berkeley
7. Adeline
8. Ellen Mary
9. Edith Cazenove
10. Stephen Elliott

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