Joseph Pope Balch

Joseph Pope Balch (August 9, 1822 – December 2, 1872) was born in Providence, Rhode Island to Joseph and Mary A. Balch. Joseph's father owned and ran a drug store in Providence and at the age of fourteen (about 1836) Joseph began working in the store later becoming a partner with his father.

On July 14, 1853 Joseph Pope Balch married Laura Tiffany Field. From his marriage, to Ms. Field, Joseph either had two daughters and a son or six daughters and a son(Galusha Balch's book says 3 kids while Wikipedia says he had six daughters and a son).

Prior to his marriage Joseph took a different career path by entering the military. In 1841 Joseph joined a militia unit known as the Providence Marine Corps of Artillery. By about 1857 Joseph had worked his way up to a command position in the Rhode Island's Second Militia brigade. Near the beginning of the American Civil War Joseph was appointed to the role of Major in the First Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Eventually Joseph rose to command of the First Rhode Island when its previous commander, Colonel Ambrose Burnsides, was promoted to the command of a brigade. At the First Battle of Bull Run Joseph was recognized for "coolness, steadiness, and courage under fire" and promoted to the role of Brigadier General of the volunteers. Eventually the Rhode Island Regiment was disbanded and Joseph ended up returning to a commanding role in the Second Militia brigade until the end of the war.

After the war Joseph Pope Balch went on to be a prominent member of Providence society joining such civic organizations as the Rhode Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry, and the Providence Franklin Society. In the end Joseph, home for dinner from his drug store, died suddenly on December 2, 1872 from internal hemorrhage.

Genealogy of Joseph:

Father: Joseph Balch
Mother: Mary Ann Bailey

Birth Date: August 9, 1822
Death Date: December 2, 1872

Wife: Laura Tiffany Field
Married: July 14, 1853


1. Mary Howard
2. Laura Field
3. Joseph

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