Joseph Balch - Born: April 26, 1680

Joseph Balch (April 26, 1680-December 9, 1732) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts to Samuel and Martha (Newmarch) Balch. Little is known of Joseph's early years but we do know he married Mary Osgood on October 23, 1712. Joseph and Mary would have six children together the last one being born in 1728.

By profession Joseph was a sea captain and resided in Boston, Massachusetts. Little information is available to indicate how long Joseph had this as his profession. What information is available indicates that his profession would be his ultimate cause of death. On December 9, 1732, while serving aboard the brigantine "Robert" Joseph would meet his end through drowning. Quoted below is an extract of a letter printed in the Boston News Letter on January 25, 1732-3. David Linzey, mate aboard the "Robert", gives an account of what happened to Joseph Balch.

Sir, this comes to acquaint you of the dismal misfortune that has happened, Viz., the loss of Captain Balch. He was knocked overboard with the gaft seventeen days after we left Boston, about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, inlat. 17degrees 3' N. We reckoned ourselves four leagues to the east'd of the Island of Antigua."


Genealogy of Joseph:

Father: Samuel Balch
Mother: Martha Newmarch

Wife: Mary Osgood
Married: October 23, 1712


1. Joseph
2. Mary
3. Deborah
4. Ebenezer
5. Timothy
6. Sarah

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