John R. Balch - Balch or Baulch?

John R. Balch/Baulch (October 11, 1810-July 30, 1892) was likely born in Tennessee and his parents are unknown. One source, an 1880 census, suggests that his father may have come from Scotland while his mother may have been from Ireland. John, and his parents, may not have even originally spelled their name B-A-L-C-H but rather Baulch. There are said to be some Baulch family members who originated in Germany. Some of these Baulch family members, upon settling in America, may have "Americanized" their names by dropping the "u".

John married Sophia Stone January 17, 1833 in Sumner County, Tennessee. Little information seems to be currently available to describe what events took place in John's life in the years before his marriage or after. John is said to have died on July 20, 1892 and he was buried, with his wife Sophia, in the Stone-Baulch Cemetery located in Sumner County, Tennessee.


Genealogy of John:

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Wife: Sophia Stone
Married: January 17, 1833


1. Catherine
2. Elizabeth
3. William
4. Alfred N.
5. Susan Eliza
6. Martha
7. Nancy
8. Jane
9. John
10. Joseph

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