John Balch (Baltch) of Maryland (1658)

John Balch (1630-1 -1690) is believed to have been born in Bridgwater, Somerset County, England to Edward and Mary (Calle) Balch [3]. While in England John would belong to the Presbyterian wing of the Anglican church [6].

In 1658 John relocated to America, and settled in southern Maryland. He can be found in various court records in the 1660s and 1670s in St. Mary's County and Charles County, MD. One record from 1661 indicates he was about 30 years of age and was a servant to Josiah Fendall. John Balch was granted title to fifty acres of land in Maryland as a result of him paying his own transportation to the colony. On December 30, 1663 John signed the right to his fifty acres over to a man by the name of John Floyde as witnessed by Daniel Jennifer who in lived St. Mary's Co., MD.

Current researchers have found no further trace of him beyond these court records. The next Balch record in Maryland found thus far is the marriage of a Hezekiah Balch to Martha Brewenton in Anne Arundel Co., MD in 1707. Hezekiah would eventually settle on Deer Creek in Harford Co., MD where sons James, John, Hezekiah, Thomas and daughter Mary would be born.

DNA testing confirms John Balch of Maryland is a relative of the John Balch who settled in Massachusetts.

Genealogy of John:

Father: Edward Balch
Mother: Mary Calle

Wife: Catherine Clelland
Married: Approximately 1659


1. Thomas
2. Robert

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