John Balch - Son of Benjamin (Born 1654)

John Balch (about 1654-November 19, 1738) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts to Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch. John was born on the land of his grandfather John who came to America in 1623. In 1670 John appears in a court deposition which records his oath and service in the area militia. During this time the colonists would form a militia, for defense, and gather together once a month for training purposes. At about the age of sixteen John made an oath to the militia and began his service.

Marriage & Adult Years

On December 23, 1674 John married Hannah Veren. John and Hannah would live to see their sixty fourth anniversary and during that time they would have fourteen children. The land on which they lived was part of the original land granted to John's grandfather (John) and granted to him by Benjamin, his father, on April 25, 1692. John's farm and land seem to have equaled approximately twenty acres. John made a living through a mixture of carpentry and farming.

On June 2, 1680 John was admitted to full communion in the first parish church of Beverly. May 19, 1680 is recorded as a date on which John was made a freeman (must have had to work off some debt). In the years following 1680 he went on to serve in various offices. He was Surveyor of Highways (March 15, 1685-6) followed by Tythingman (December 6, 1690 & 1694), Sergeant (1694), Constable (1695-99), Selectman (1700), Ensign (1705), Lieutenant (1711) and at some point Representative.

Only a month before his death John had his will drawn up and signed. The will indicates various crops and livestock he wishes to go to his wife. In addition to the crops and livestock he willed, to his wife, he also gave the continued services of an Indian woman he refers to as Quando.

John's will mentions some of his children and grandchildren and then proceeds to give an inventory of John's belongings. On the inventory is listed, among other things, one "negro man" valued at ninety five pounds and one Indian woman (named Quando) valued at eighteen pounds. John died on November 19, 1738 and his wife followed shortly after.

Genealogy of John

Father: Benjamin Balch
Mother: Sarah Gardner

Wife:Hannah Veren
Married: December 23, 1674


1. Rebecca
2. Hannah
3. John
4. John
5. Israel
6. Sarah
7. Joshua
8. Joanna
9. Ruth
10. Joshua
11. Caleb
12. David
13. Joanna
14. Roger

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John Balch

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Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha B. Balch

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