John Balch - Son of Robert & Sarah (Dodge)

John Balch (June 25, 1779-June 20, 1822) was born in Topsfield, Massachusetts to Robert and Sarah (Dodge) Balch. Limited information is available for John Balch but he did marry a woman by the name of Deborah Kenniston. Together John and Deborah had eleven children. John made his living as a farmer.

Final Years/Final Resting Place

There seems to be conflicting information regarding the location in which John spent his later years. According to Galusha Balch and his book Genealogy of the Balch Families in America John lived and died in Jericho, Vermont. Another source indicates that John may have lived in or near New Boston, New Hampshire.

According to Francis Ellingwood and his article entitled The Balch Yard John lived and died near New Boston, New Hampshire. John was deeded a piece of land, in this vicinity, on March 11, 1820 and presumably would have spent his remaining years there.

Further evidence exists to back up New Boston as their actual location. In Galusha's book he indicates that John's father moved with wife and family to New Boston in 1791. Perhaps Robert (John's father) was the one who deeded land to John on March 11, 1820. An overgrown cemetery remains at the "Balch Yard" in New Boston. Here, according to Francis Ellingwood, lie the graves of John, his wife Deborah, his parents Robert and Sarah, his sister Rebecca and her husband Ezra Dodge.

Genealogy of John:

Father: Robert Balch
Mother: Sarah Dodge

Wife1: Deborah Kenniston
Married: Unknown


1. John (Twin 1)
2. Delia (Twin 2)
3. Robert
4. John Jefferson
5. Eliza
6. Eliphalet
7. Julia Ann
8. Hannah
9. William Plumber
10. Allen
11. Roxanna

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