John Balche - Born: 1496-7

John Balche (1496-7 - Sep. 2, 1552) was born in Horton, Somerset, England to William Balche and an unknown mother.

John is said to have "learnt the profession of arms in the service of Sir Nicholas Wadham of Muryfield, County Somerset [1]."

In May 1550 John was named as one of the original 17 trustees of what would become known as the Ilminster Free Grammar School.


Genealogy of John:

Father: William (Willyam) Balche
Mother: Unknown

Wife: Isabell Balche
Married: c. 1520-5


1. George
2. Anne
3. Alice
4. John
5. Agnes
6. Thomas
7. Anthony (Anthonye)
8. Joan
9. Hugh

Primary Sources/Links:

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