John Balch - North Curry, Somerset, England

John Balch (Bap. Aug. 6, 1564 - May 20, 1639) [1] was born in North Curry, Somerset, England to Thomas and Agnes (Unknown) Balch. Records indicate that in October 1586 John was one of the individuals trained, by Sir John Stawell, as a Pikeman in anticipation of the attack by the Spanish Armada. Almost ten years later, February 23, 1595, John married Eleanor Halsey and together they would have three sons and a daughter.

Genealogy of John:

Father: Thomas Balch
Mother: Agnes __

Wife: Eleanor Halsey
Married: February 23, 1595


1. Thomas
2. John
3. Joan
4. Robert


Balch Genealogica - By: Thomas Willing Balch [1]

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