Israel Balch - Born: September 3, 1681

Israel Balch (September 3, 1681-1758) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts to John and Hannah (Veren) Balch. Limited information can be found for Israel.

Israel was first married to Ruth Dodge in 1707 and together they had nine children. Next he married Ann Coe, twenty years later, on August 23, 1727. This second marriage would produce no children.

Israel is briefly mentioned in the book The Sabbath in Puritan New England by Alice Morse Earle. This book was first published in 1898 and talks about a Psalm Book published in 1709 and owned by Israel. On each blank page Israel wrote:

"Israel Balch, His Book.
God give him Grace therein to look,
And when the Bell for him doth toal
May God have mearcy on his Sole."

Israel is believed to have died sometime in 1758.

Genealogy of Israel

Father: John Balch
Mother: Hannah Veren

Wife1: Ruth Dodge
Married: about 1707


1. Jonathan
2. Ruth
3. John
4. Roger
5. Rebecca
6. Joshua
7. Israel
8. Veren
9. Hannah

Wife2: Ann Coe
Married: August 23, 1727


1. No Children

Primary Sources/Links

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The Sabbath in Puritan New England - By: Alice Morse Earle

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