George Balch - Died: 1738 (British)

George Balch (Bapt. Nov. 16, 1667 - 1738), date of birth unknown, was born to Robert Balch and Hannah Ludlow [3]. Like his father George would be a merchant and prominent member of the Bridgwater Corporation (Bridgwater, England). George is also described as being an active member of the community's dissenting community and a trustee in the Presbyterian Christ Church Chapel.

George served as Mayor of Bridgwater from 1699-1700, 1708-9, and alderman from 1709-11. As early as 1701 George was also elected to the British House of Commons and served as Bridgwater's representative until 1710. A member of the Whig party George maintained his political career until a surge of support boosted the Tories to power in 1710. After 1710 his influence seems to have diminished as he likely resigned from the Bridgwater Corporation in 1712. George would die in 1738 leaving the bulk of his property to his grandson Robert Balch.


Genealogy of George:

Father: Robert Balch
Mother: Unknown

Wife: Hannah Ludlow
Married: December 10, 1707 [2]


1. John
2. Elizabeth
3. Henry
4. Robert
5. George
6. *Six additional children died in infancy. [1]

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