Freeborn Balch - Born: About 1631

Freeborn Balch (c.1631-c.1657) was born to John and Margary (maiden name unknown) in Salem Massachusetts. He probably received the name he did in commemoration of his father being made a freeman in 1631.

According to family tradition Freeborn went to England and died there around 1657. In 1658 Freeborn's brother Benjamin purchased the land that he had inherited from their father. Walter Price, the executor and administrator of Freeborn's estate, made a conditional sale of this property. It is believed that Freeborn was an employee of Walter Price and that he may have been a mariner who was lost at sea. Walter sold Freeborn's land with the condition, in the contract, that the sale would be void should Freeborn return and prove to be alive.

Genealogy of Freeborn:

Father: John Balch
Mother: Margary (maiden name unknown)

Wife1: Never Married
Married: Never Married


1. No Children

Primary Sources/Links:

Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha B. Balch

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