Freeborn Balch - Born: August 9, 1660

Freeborn Balch (Aug. 9, 1660 - Jun. 12, 1729)[1] was born in Beverly, Massachusetts (in the house his grandfather John built) to Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch. Little information is available concerning Freeborn's early life. What information is available indicates that Freeborn became a farmer on a portion of land he received from his father. Located on the eastern shore of Wenham Lake, Freeborn had an Apple orchard, Cider Mill, and Cider House that he willed to his son William.


Freeborn was married first to the widow Mirriam (Moulton) Bachelder - they had a daughter and two sons. Next Freeborn was married to a woman by the name of Mallis (unknown surname) who seems to have died shortly after with no children. Finally, April 30, 1690, Freeborn married Elizabeth Fairfield and together they had seven children.

Side Note

A deed, dated August 30, 1686, has a William Good transferring ownership of land to Freeborn. This deed describes "a certain parcel of meadow ground" in the township of Wenham, Massachusetts (see deed text below).

Text of a Deed Transferring Ownership, of land, from William Good to Freeborn [2]:


Genealogy of Freeborn:

Father: Benjamin Balch
Mother: Sarah Gardner

Wife1: Mirriam (Moulton) Bachelder
Married: Late Autumn of 1682

1. Mirriam
2. Freeborn
3. Benjamin

Wife2: Mallis (Unknown Last name)
Married: February 20, 1688-9


1. No Children

Wife3: Elizabeth Fairfield
Married: April 30, 1690


1. Skipper
2. Elizabeth
3. Sarah
4. Abigail
5. Tabitha
6. William
7. Mary

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