Frederick R. Balch, Jr. - World War II Casualty

Frederick R. Balch, Jr (Unknown - Mar. 15, 1945) served in the 94th Infantry Division F/376st during World War II. This particular man served valiantly and lost his life for the sake of his country. There was apparently a great deal of uncertainty and heartache his parents felt upon hearing the news of Frederick's death because details were very sketchy and even conflicting. There was a fellow soldier who told the parents that the wounds Frederick suffered in combat were to the upper part of his leg and hardly lethal. I found this information and a number of excerpts from letters written by Fred, his parents, his brother and various other people involved in trying to find out the truth.

The source of all this information comes from the efforts of Roland Geiger, a native of Germany, and is posted on the Frederick R. Balch, Jr. web site. Below I've included an excerpt from a Paris, Tennesee news article that appeared after Frederick's death. This portion of the article discusses what awards Frederick R. Balch, Jr. was awarded after his death.

Pfc. Balch was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart; also the Good Conduct American Theater Ribbon; four bronze stars for battles of Ardennes, Northern France and Rhineland campaigns; World War II Victory Ribbon; Combat Infantry Badge; Sharpshooter Badge with Expert Rifle Bar. His Company (also) won a Presidential Citation.


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