Foster Burdette Balch - Born: July 22, 1875

Foster Burdette Balch (July 22, 1875-Oct. 28, 1942) was born in Deerfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania to Alphonzo Burdette and Rhoda M. (Smith) Balch.

According to one source Foster may have been married to a woman by the name of Olive. Olive died on February 25, 1906 and currently little is known about any children she may have had with Foster. Later on November 24, 1909 Foster married Maude Clark and they had either three or four children together.

Foster died, at the age of 67, near Painted Post, New York. At about 2pm one afternoon he headed out to walk from Thurston, New York to South Corning. Walking along Route fifteen, in the Painted Post area, Foster was struck by a car and left to die. This hit and run accident was never solved.

Some time later his son, Amos, overheard what he believed to be someone's admission of guilt.

Article on the Hit-and-Run Accident

Hit And Run Driver Sought In Post Accident Killing Foster Balch of Thurston

State Police were today seeking a hit and run driver, who according to Coroner Dr. C. J. Tomer, struck and instantly killed Foster Balch, 67 Thurston, Wednesday night while Balch was walking on Route 15, just west of Painted Post between the D. L. & W. overhead and the Rambler's Rest. The body still warm when State Police arrived, was found at about 8:50 p.m. From the position of the body it is the belief of Acting Coroner Tomer, he said, that Mr. Balch was walking toward Painted Post, on the left hand side of the road, facing traffic when the accident occurred.

Mr. Balch suffered a broken neck, fractured right ankle and a broken pelvis, Coroner Tomer said, adding that there were abrasions on the head, left leg and hand which Mr. Balch probably suffered when he struck the pavement.

It is reported that Mr. Balch left his home in Thurston about 2 o'clock in the afternoon to go to South Corning to transact some business.

Mr. Balch's body was found by Cameron Goss, Big Flats, employee of the Atlantic Refining Company who was driving a gasoline tanker. According to Mr. Goss' report to State Police, he noticed a hat on the road and then saw Mr. Balch's body in the ditch.

State Police say they believe that the car which struck Balch may have been a small coupe.

This marked the first case for Coroner Tomer, who was recently appointed by the Steuben County Supervisors to act in the place of Coroner Dr. Robert I. Hood, during the latter's absence in military service.

Coroner James Sanford of Bath and Sgt. B.R. Voight of State Police, also investigated the accident.

Mr. Balch was born in Tioga County, Pa., on July 22, 1875, the son of Alfonso and Rhoda M. Smith Balch. On November 24, 1909, he married Maude Clarke of Westfield, Pa., in a ceremony performed by the Rev. B. Pitt. A resident of East Campbell and Thurston for 14 years each, he was a member of the Fire-fighting company of Thurston. By occupation, he was a salesman of fire extinguishers.

Mr. Balch leaves his wife; three sons, Carl of Lodi, Amos of Addison, and Clinton of Savona; a daughter, Vern of Sabinsville, Pa.; a brother , of Oak Park, Ill.; six grandchildren; several aunts, uncles and cousins.

The body is now at the Carpenter Funeral Home where services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m., the Rev. Jopseph Corey, pastor of Thurston Christian Church, officiating, Burial will be in Knoxville, Pa.

Genealogy of Foster

Father: Alphonzo Burdette Balch
Mother: Rhoda M. Smith

Wife1: Maude Clark
Married: November 24, 1909


1. Coral (Carl?)
2. Amos
3. Clinton
4. Vern (daughter Verna?)

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