Elizabeth (Balch) Knowlton - Born: c. 1626

Elizabeth Balch (c. 1626 - 1688) was born in Kent, England to John and Margaret (possibly Margery) (Lovett) Balch. Not a lot of information is available about Elizabeth's life and there seems to be some doubt as to whether or not she was the daughter of the John Balch that settled in Massachusetts in 1623. Some sources indicate only three sons as the children of John while other sources indicate this Elizabeth as one also.

Genealogy of Elizabeth:

Father: John Balch
Mother: Margaret/Margery Lovett

Husband: William Knowlton
Married: January 10, 1639-40


1. Thomas Knowlton
2. Benjamin Knowlton
3. Nathaniel Knowlton
4. William Knowlton
5. John Knowlton
6. Samuel Knowlton
7. Mary Knowlton

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