Charles P. Balch - Balch Hotel Dufur, Oregon

Charles P. Balch (April 21, 1860-Unknown) was born in Iola, Wisconsin on April 21, 1860. His parents were John A. Balch and Caroline (Stevenson) Balch with his father being from Vermont while his mother originated in New York. Charles father John was a millright by trade.

Charles remained in Iola, Wisconsin until the age of eleven. It was at this time that the family moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Charles began to attend grade school followed by high school. After school Charles engaged in various different careers and finally moved to Oregon in 1883.

In Oregon Charles staked a claim along the Des Chutes River in Wasco County. Eventually, after improving his land claim, Charles sold this land and moved to Dufur, Oregon where he became a druggist for ten years. After ten years in the drug business Charles sold the business only to buy a half interest in it again three years later. It was during this time that Charles became involved with Andrew J. Dufur in the cattle business. On June 28, 1889 Charles married Lois Dufur the daughter of his partner Andrew J. Dufur.

Sometime, during his time in Oregon, Charles purchased 1,600 acres of land next to nearby Dufur, Oregon. In 1907 he began work on what would become known as the Balch Hotel. The bricks for this hotel were made on Charles ranch and the hotel opened on January 17, 1908. Room rates, when the hotel opened ran anywhere from fifty cents to a dollar twenty five. This hotel remains in existence today, having been designated a historical landmark, changing ownership several times. As recently as 2006 the hotel was purchased by a new owner and restored to much of its former glory.

Genealogy of Charles:

Father: John A. Balch
Mother: Caroline Stevenson

Wife: Lois Dufur
Married: June 28, 1891


1. Unknown

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