Charles H. Balch - Clockmaker/Politician

Charles H. Balch (October 29, 1787-November 18, 1852) was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts to Daniel and Lucy (Hodge) Balch. Little is known of his life prior to 1808 when he bought a shop on Merrimack Street from a man by the name of Nehemiah Flanders. It was in this shop that Charles would continue in his pursuit of the family business; clock making and repair. Later, in April of 1817, Charles would be appointed to the position of superintendent of the town clocks in Newburyport.

In later years Charles would begin to take an active role in the political life of Newburyport. In April of 1834 Charles was serving on a committee that decided what should be done with the town courthouse. Later on March 27, 1837 he was elected to the position of selectman and served for thereafter for many years. Sources indicate that Charles would go on to become a member of the state legislature and eventually a member of the state senate for two years.

In the area of political ideology Charles was a Federalist; a believer in a strong central government. His education was minimal but he was an avid reader and learned a great deal that way. Charles would attend the Unitarian church and is described as being a "self made man". In the end he would never marry and never have any children.

Genealogy of Charles:

Father: Daniel Balch
Mother: Lucy Hodge

Wife: Never Married


1. No Marriage or Children

Primary Sources/Links:

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