Benjamin Balch - Born: March 29, 1682

Benjamin Balch (March 29, 1682-January 8, 1749-50) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts to Samuel and Martha (Newmarch) Balch.

Benjamin married Mary Leech on June 27, 1705. Together Benjamin and Mary would have seven children most of whom died at an early age.

Benjamin was a farmer and lived on the farm owned by his grandfather Benjamin (the first Balch born in America). Eventually Benjamin's grandfather would will his estate to his grandson. Little else is known about the life of Benjamin other than that he was a deacon in his church.

Genealogy of Benjamin:

Father: Samuel Balch
Mother: Martha Newmarch

Wife: Mary Leech
Married: June 27, 1705


1. Martha
2. Mercy
3. Martha
4. Mary - twin
5. Martha - twin
6. Deborah
7. Benjamin

Primary Sources/Links:

Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha Balch

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