The Balch Yard - New Boston, New Hampshire

The Balch Yard or Dodge/Balch Cemetery is located approximately 3.7 miles from New Boston and 18.5 miles from Manchester, New Hampshire at 192 West Colburn Road. This cemetery is enclosed, on all four sides, by a stone wall and is currently largely overgrown with trees and vines. According to my source this land was deeded to a John Balch on March 11, 1820. John Balch and his wife Deborah (Kenniston) are buried in this cemetery along with his parents; Robert and Sarah (Dodge); his sister Rebecca (Balch) Dodge and her husband Ezra Dodge. On December 4, 1867 the John Balch Estate became the property of Livermore Langdell and after this time additional graves were added from other families.

Balches Buried in the Balch Yard:

First Name: Last Name @ Birth: Last Name @ Death: Birth Year: Death Year:
Deborah Kenniston Balch 1775 1827
John Balch Balch 1779 1822
Rebecca Balch Dodge 12/19/1796 9/22/1896
Sarah Dodge Balch 1752 3/16/1822
Robert Balch Balch 7/28/1743 3/4/1830

Primary Sources/Links:

The Balch Yard - By: Francis Ellingwood

Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha B. Balch

Dodge/Balch Cemetery

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