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Balch Hall is an all all-female dormitory located on the North Campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Balch Hall actually consists of four different dormitories that were once more accurately referred to as the Balch Halls. The chosen architectural style, for the dorms, is known as English Renaissance.

A committee was formed in 1920 to study the feasibility of constructing additional dormitories for the growing college. In 1922 a man, by the name of Frederick Ackerman, donated land for the construction of the dormitories and began to seek donors for their construction. Finally in 1928 the college received a donation of $1,650,000 from Allan C. Balch and his wife Janet Balch; both graduates from Cornell. The dorm was constructed and designated an all-female dormitory at the request of the Balch donors.

Balch Hall had a brief brush with fame when it appeared in the movie Love Potion No. 9. Paul, the male lead character, uses the love potion to take advantage of women in the all female dorm.

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