Balche Family History

Balche is one spelling variation that may very well be a related branch of the Balch family. Both Thomas Willing Balch and Galusha Burchard Balch spend time discussing the members of the "Balche" family in their genealogies. Various individual names show up with the last name spelled "Balche" in the period before any Balches emigrated to North America. Individuals with the name spelled this way also seem to be concentrated around the same Somerset, England area and in some places their coat of arms is described in a way that seems identical to the arms of Balch. This page is intended to study Balche family members and attempt to establish a Balch-Balche connection - if one exists.

Various Balche Family Members - in Chronological Order [1]:

1. William Balche (Before 1477 - Mar. 20th, 1533)
2. John Balche (1496-7 - Sep. 2, 1552)
3. George Balche (1523-30 - Jun 23, 1569)
4. Thomas Balche (c.1534 - c. Apr. 19, 1594)
5. Nicholas Balche (1552 - Aug. 24, 1607)
6. George Balche (1584 - 1658)

Balche Members Listed in Martock, Somerset Marriage Records (1559 - 1609): [2]

Surname: Given Name: Bride/Groom: Date:
Balche Henrie Marye Gould 09/08/1589
Balche William Alice Moore 11/22/1589
Balche Gyles Agnes Perryn 04/07/1594
Balche Alice John Moore 04/06/1572

Primary Sources/Links:

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