Balch Property: St. Audries, Somerset, UK

St. Audries was purchased by Robert Balch in 1763 for the sum of £13,662. Upon Robert's 1779 death the property passed to his son Robert Everard Balch. Upon Robert Everard's 1799 death the property is said to have passed to his brother George Balch. George later died in 1814, with no heir, and the property passed on to his sister Christiana [3]. To the left is a map of the Somerset region (for a map that shows Somerset's position within the United Kingdom click here) showing the location of the St. Audries property. Below is listed a description of the property as it was described in Galusha Balch's book.


Description of St. Audries: Quoted in Galusha Balch's book - Genealogy of the Balch Families in America


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