Balch of Deerfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

On this page I am looking into Balches who settled and lived in the Deerfield, Pennsylvania area. I am descended from some of these Balches so this is particularly interesting for me. Below I have listed Balches burried in a couple of different Deerfield area cemeteries. "Riverside - Deerfield" refers to the Riverside Cemetery while "Smith - Deerfield" refers to the Smith Burying Ground that is in that same area. Below that are census results that show Balches who lived in the Deerfield, PA area as of 1870.

Last Name: First Name: Middle Name/Initial: Date of Birth: Date of Death: Cemetery:
Balch Alphonzo Burdette Apr. 13, 1832 Dec. 22, 1905 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch Cassius Vernon March 6, 1857 1947 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch Foster H. July 22, 1875 Oct. 28, 1942 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch Frederick Volney Sept. 2, 1850 May 7, 1926 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch (Knox) Mary Lucretia 1846 1918 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch (Howland) Nellie Unknown Nov. 8, 1858 May 23, 1938 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch (Pride) Olive R. May 25, 1876 Feb. 25, 1906 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch (Smith) Rhoda Matilda May 11, 1833 June 14, 1922 Riverside - Deerfield
Balch (Sweet) Mary Unknown July 30, 1802 Dec. 11, 1854 Smith - Deerfield
Balch* Archibald C. Aug. 30, 1802 July 11, 1862 Smith - Deerfield

*Source lists this name as "A.CL. Balck" but I suspect it's actually supposed to be Archibald Balch - Archibald's date of death coincides with the death date on this stone.

1870 Census for Deerfield, PA:

Last Name: First Name: Age @ Census: Location:
Balch Delia 40 Deerfield
Balch Henry 43 Deerfield
Balch Ray 10 Deerfield
Balch Volucy 20 Deerfield

Primary Sources/Links:

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