Adna Perkins Balch - Hanover, NH

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Adna Perkins Balch (Nov. 30, 1817 - May 28, 1889) was born in Lyme, New Hampshire to Joshua and Nanny P. (Shaw) Balch [3].

What little information can be found, for Adna, indicates that he made a considerable amount of money as an early investor in Railroads in New Hampshire and Canada. The house, shown in the picture, is a house constructed by Adna with the fortune he amassed from upstart railroad companies. Balch Hill, in Hanover, NH, is named for Adna and his family because their wealth helped them to rise to local prominence in the mid to late 1800's.


Genealogy of Adna:

Father: Joshua Balch
Mother: Nanny P. Shaw

Wife1: Julia A. Drake
Married: December 23, 1841


1. Helen A.
2. Frank K.
3. Edward P.

Wife2: Susan Brewster Bibby
Married: October 17, 1855


1. William Van Beaverhendt
2. Julia Gouverneur
3. Emily Montague
4. Henry Kemble

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Adna Perkins Balch

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