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I called this web site "Balchipedia" because it's intended to function in very much the same way as "Wikipedia". Wikipedia is an online encylopedia that allows all of its users the ability to change, update and even add new information. With Balchipedia I hope that I can get other people to help me contribute to this web site. My Goal for this web site is to collect as much historical information concerning the Balch family as I can. One person alone has limitations on their time, energy and information but with multiple people contributing we can add a huge amount of Balch family history to this site. Please sign up and contribute if you have valuable family information to contribute.

The Balch family, in America, has its origins with two John Balches that arrived in America in the 1600's. There is the John of Massachusetts and the John who settled in Maryland about 1658. I have information, about some individuals in each Balch family, and hope to further clarify their stories. Towards that goal I have been researching various Balches that I stumble across in my searchings on the internet.

As I do more research I would like to see more people joining this web site and contributing to the information here. If you have any amount of Balch history or genealogy information please join by either hitting the link on the side navigation bar or the link listed below under Important Links. Together we can make this web site truly amazing!


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Individual Balch Biographies:

John Balch - Massachusetts

Joseph Balch - Casualty at Bloody Brook

Thomas Balch - Captain in the Monmouth Rebellion

Hezekiah Balch - Minister, Educator, Abolitionist

Hart Balch - Revolutionary War Veteran

Amos Balch - American Revolution, Southern Campaign

Alfred Balch - Friend of Andrew Jackson

George Edward Balch - Captain of the Howadji

Galusha B. Balch - Doctor & Family Historian

George Beall Balch - Civil War Veteran, Naval Officer

Daniel W. Balch - President of the Nevada and Oregon Railroad

Lewis Balch - Witness of First Execution by Electric Chair

Collins Lawton Balch - Successful Business Man/Family Feud

George Thacher Balch - Teacher, Patriotism

Edwin Swift Balch - Lawyer, Artist, Mountaineer

Charles P. Balch - The Balch Hotel

John Henry Balch - Medal of Honor Recipient

Glenn Balch - Author of Western & Children's Stories

Emily Greene Balch - Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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Balche Family History - Alternate Spelling

The Balch House

Balch History: Britain (UK)

Balch - Meaning of the Name

Balch: Veterans & Casualties of War

My Balch Line

Places Named Balch

Where the Balches Came From

Balch Coat of Arms

Balch: Slavery and the Family

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